Badaboom beta updated information

We have received some great feedback on Badaboom since the beta was launched earlier this month. Please note that this is a beta client and does not represent the shipping product in stability, features, or performance. In order to respond to all of the great feedback we are providing a second beta release and delaying the official product launch by roughly 3 weeks.  You can download the 2nd beta at  This may be updated again before the product is released in the near future so keep your eyes posted here for more information.


Some key changes include:
Bug Fixes:
- DVD compatibility: some DVDs were causing Badaboom to stop responding. These issues have been reproduced and we believe they are fixed in the beta2 version.
- Output framerate is sometimes different from input framerate. This has been resolved in the beta2 version.
- Altered aspect ratio: the UI has been improved to better inform the user the output resolutions.
- General stability: there are a variety of issues that have been fixed where Badaboom would stop responding.
- Customizable output file location & name
- Greater selection of output resolutions
- Title and chapter selections are now more robust
- English tracks are now selected as the default instead of the first audio track
- Unlimited custom bitrates supported via UI and through custom XML profiles including the newly provided custom media center device.
- Custom profiles with unrestricted bitrates can always be created by the user
Known Issues:
- Some DVDs may have audio sync issues
- Audio may be missing for part of some transcoded DVDs
- Starting Badaboom after a video game is loaded can cause Badaboom to become unresponsive
- Unicode characters in the filenames or directories may not be recognized
- Support for some web formats such as DIVX, WMV, and FLV have been removed from the accepted input formats but will be added in version 1.1.
- Canceling a transocde will sometimes cause the next transcode to run at 50% speed.  Restarting Badaboom will resolve this issue.
- Running other GPU intensive programs or changing output resolutions(or screen savers) may cause Badaboom to become unresponsive
Please let us know if you have questions or feedback.
Thanks, The Badaboom team

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