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Watch CES Video Features on Elemental's Badaboom 1.1

Last weekend Elemental Technologies' product demonstrations, including Badaboom Media Converter version 1.1, were featured in interviews at the CES Show in Las Vegas, Nev. See what people were talking about...

 CES ComputerTV 2009: "NVIDIA Badaboom GPU Processing at CES 2009"

(Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgrp8zcLbmI&feature=related)



NVIDIA Ion @ CES 2009: "Elemental Badaboom"

(Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lV-KVVlu7nY&feature=related)

Badaboom 1.1: Positive reviews keep coming

 Badaboom 1.1 continues to please reviewers around the world. Check out these recent reviews and test version 1.1 out for yourself by downloading the free trial offer.

"Badaboom looks very “professional” and you don’t need to be a nuclear scientist to use it. Application is very intuitive and you will easily do everything that you intended to, even if you never had any contact with this type of applications."

Inside HW*: http://www.insidehw.com/Software/Multimedia/ATi-vs.-nVIDIA-Video-Transcoding.html      *translated


"AVC completely loses out to Badaboom in terms of picture quality and suffers broken pictures. Badaboom has been commercialized and it seems that Badaboom's overall superiority over AVC is something overwhelming."
Beareyes: http://graphics.beareyes.com.cn/2/lib/200901/09/20090109126_1.htm  (Chinese)


"Badaboom provides users with an intuitive graphics interface rather than Avivo Video Converter’s boring text interface."
Yesky: http://diy.yesky.com/vga/335/8681335.shtml (Chinese)

Initial reviews highlight Badaboom™ 1.1's enhanced performance

Initial reviews of Badaboom™ Media Coverter version 1.1 show just how far the application has come. As Ryan Shrout at PC Perspectives states, Badaboom "is a solid upgrade to an application that is only a few months old." In addition to AnandTech's recent review of version 1.0 and 1.1 preview, the following reviews cover version 1.1's enhanced features and champion the new version over other products. Check them out for yourself:


"While we already spent a lot of time recently looking at Elemental's Badaboom application, the user interface, performance and functionality, a new revision of the software is now available that adds quite a bit of what was missing to the table.  Version 1.1 will take the existing Badaboom application and add support for more input file formats, new output profiles, another H.264 profile, higher resolution output and even multi-GPU capability."

– PCPerspective: http://www.pcper.com/article.php?aid=650


“Overall, we're pleased with this performance. You could have a much lower-end CPU and still achieve these results, as it's clear that the GPU is doing nearly all of the work.”

“The Media Center profile allows for encoding up to 25mbit, which combined with the Main Profile and CABAC option delivers beautiful quality.”

“Still, it easily matches or beats the best CPU on the market and is quite a lot faster than more mainstream CPUs.”

“If you don't have a whopping fast CPU, it makes encoding go a lot faster. Even if you do have a super fast quad-core CPU, it's nice to encode video without taxing your CPU, leaving your system responsive enough for other tasks.”

“Still, even with a very expensive and fast CPU, you're not going to match the performance of these GPU encoders at a fraction of the cost.”

– ExtremeTech: http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,2845,2337062,00.asp


"If the improvements of quality of image brought by MainProfile are more or less obvious according to the scenes to post, this version 1.1 of Badaboom is much more complete all the same than the preceding one. It is hoped that in the future, one can go even further in quality (High Profile?), and in functionalities (dealt with total of the containers to several band its, soutitres etc). In any case here no doubt, one speaks well about encoding on GPU." *

– PC INpact: http://www.pcinpact.com/actu/news/48014-test-badaboom-11-perfectionne-gpu-encodage.htm?vc=1

*French to English using online web site translator


Badaboom 1.1 now available for download

The Badaboom™ Media Converter version 1.1 is available right this moment for download, giving you so many more options for video conversion.

To download an update or buy Badaboom, simply go to Store where you can get a free trial or purchase products. If you already have Badaboom 1.0, installing the 1.1 trial it will automatically replace 1.0 and become activated seamlessly.  If you do not own an activated version of Badaboom 1.0, you will receive a set of 30 trial transcodes.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out AnandTech's review to learn more about the advantages and new features of Badaboom:


AnandTech review compares packages, highlights Badaboom


Within hours, Badaboom Media Converter version 1.1 will available at your fingertips. We've told you about some of the new features to expect, but how do they compare performance-wise? Well, you don't have to just take our word for it. Yesterday, AnandTech published a review of Badaboom 1.1 and according to them:

"No matter how you slice it though, Elemental has a much better product than AMD is offering with the Avivo video converter."   - AnandTech

Read more of AnandTech's review, "GPU Transcoding Throwdown: Elemental's Badaboom vs. AMD's Avivo Video Converter."  This review is more in depth and highlights Badaboom, showing that  now there are "video converters available on both sides of the aisle."  Badaboom's performance was superior across the board.  Many features are still being worked on, but as you will find out it has improved by such a large amount since the original beta that there is no doubt this application will  become as indispensable to you as the portable media device you using it with!

Features for the release of Badaboom™ Media Converter version 1.1

That's right - you heard it here first. It's been a little over a month since Badaboom™ Media Converter 1.0 came out and version 1.1 is waiting in the wings with some awesome new features that will be available to the public in mid-December. Here's your sneak preview of  the new features in version 1.1 which give Badaboom™ users added versatility and enhanced performance through the following updates:

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