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Badaboom End-of-Life Annoucement

Hi all,

Please see the FAQ below for details about the Badaboom end-of-life process. Badaboom is not supported on the latest generation of NVIDIA graphics processors, such as the GTX 680.

What are you announcing?

We have decided to end-of-life the Badaboom product.

Why was this decision made?

Although Badaboom is a great product and a breakthrough example of clear GPU value for consumers, our company is focused on expansion in the professional video processing and content distribution market. For this reason, we have stopped development of Badaboom and will not continue development to support next generation GPUs.

What about support for the current Badaboom products?

We will continue to support the Badaboom product for one year after the date of this announcement. No software updates will be released during this time.

I’m having trouble activating the Badaboom software I purchased. What should I do?

Please email badaboomquestion@elementaltechnologies.com and we’ll get you fixed up.

What if I really still want to get Badaboom?

Please email badaboomquestion@elementaltechnologies.com if that is the case.

Will GPUs continue to be used in Elemental Technologies’ professional products?

Yes. We continue to be fully committed to NVIDIA CUDA, GPU computing and the high performance and quality it enables, but we are now focused on driving that value into the growing professional video processing and content delivery market.

Badaboom 2.0 Now Available!

That's the headline news here! 

If you purchased a previous version of Badaboom, visit this page to find out how to get a significant discount on Badaboom 2.0.  For more information about new features and other Badaboom 2.0 launch details, click here.

Please note that since Badaboom 2.0 is a version upgrade, it will not install over previous versions of Badaboom--it will install separately.  If you have a previous version of Badaboom and you wish to remove it, you must uninstall it.  We also have a new "Devices" link in the navigation bar, which provides the suggested similar profiles for hundreds of other devices that Badaboom 2.0 supports.

Download the free trial and check out Badaboom 2.0 for yourself! 

If you purchased a previous version of Badaboom...

If you purchased Badaboom 1.x, you are eligible for a significant discount on Badaboom 2.0!  To get Badaboom 2.0 for just $14.99 (down from the $39.99 retail price), just email support@elementaltechnologies.com with the following information and we will send you a discount code to enter upon checkout:

1.  Your name

2.  Your email address you used to purchase Badaboom 1.x.

3.  Your Order Number from that purchase.

Hurry!  This offer won't last forever!

Badaboom 2.0 Launch Details

The Badaboom 2.0 launch is imminent, and we have some details for you!  First of all, the release is planned to be mid-to-late this week (the week of February 21st).  Stay tuned to the website for the announcement.

In Badaboom 2.0, the following features have been added for increased versatility, hardware support, speed, video quality, and a better user experience: 

  • Speed and output quality improvements due to an updated underlying video engine.
  • Support for Intel® Core™ with the Intel® HD Graphics 2000 and 3000 series (Sandy Bridge), which features hardware-accelerated decoding and encoding.
  • Support for the latest NVIDIA graphics cards with the GF100 and GF110 (Fermi) architecture.
  • Batch Transcoding support, allowing the user to target a folder and convert all of its contents automatically via command line.
  • An added “Audio Gain” feature to give users control of the output file’s volume level.
  • Support for large .m2ts files.
  • An updated user interface, including additional output device profiles.
  • The ability to run on most Windows 7, Vista, and XP platforms.

Many of you have asked about how pricing and upgrades will work for version 2.0.  Badabom 2.0 will cost $39.99.  With the upgrade to a version 2.0, we absorb new sets of royalty costs, so we will not be able to offer a free upgrade to those who have purchased earlier versions of Badaboom in the past.  However,  if you did purchase Badaboom 1.x, you will be given a code for $25 off.  Not 25% off, $25 off!  This will discount the price to $14.99.

Over the next few days you will see some changes to the website. We will try to limit the disruption as much as possible, but if certain pages do go down, they should be back up within a few hours!

Big news as Badaboom 2.0 nears!

We are announcing today that the next version of Badaboom, called version 2.0, is on its way and is bringing with it additional hardware support! As promised, this version will include support for NVIDIA Fermi GPUs. All of the latest NVIDIA graphics cards will be supported.  A piece of news that may be a bit more unexpected, however, is that Badaboom 2.0 will also support the new Intel Sandy Bridge chips and their hardware-accelerated video processing capabilities! We are impressed with the performance of Sandy Bridge, and adding support for it means a couple things:

1.  Users that have a system with the new Sandy Bridge chip will now be able to utilize Badaboom's transcoding power for the same decode and encode formats as the NVIDIA version.

2.  The implemention of the Intel MediaSDK into Badaboom means that when there is no NVIDIA GPU or Sandy Bridge chip detected, Badaboom will still be able to run in software mode.  This means you will be able to run Badaboom on any Windows PC!

On the feature side of things, Badaboom 2.0 will add a queuing mechanism (the most requested feature) so that you no longer need to begin each individual transcode manually.  More details around this to come.  Other added features include audio gain and large .m2ts file support.  Combine that with an updated user interface and added output device profiles, and Badaboom 2.0 will be ready to rock.

As we said in the post last week, Badaboom 2.0 will be available for purchase in February.  We are excited to be partnering with both NVIDIA and Intel to provide the best transcoding experience possible.  Make sure you sign up here to catch the latest updates.

As Q4 ends....

Hello all,

As Q4 ends, we've got some so-so news for you:  Badaboom is still coming, but not in the next two days.  Yes, we have missed our target release period of Q4, but there have been some big changes made in the application, and this has pushed out the general release, which is now February 2011.  Some of you have seen the demo version of Badaboom running on the NVIDIA Fermi GPUs (i.e. GeForce 400s, 500s, etc...) many months ago, but that's exactly what it was: a demo version.  Our company's focus on our enterprise product line has not changed, and Badaboom has felt the effects of it.  That said, we are excited about the version of Badaboom that is coming in February!

In terms of the big changes mentioned earlier in the post, including new features, these will be further detailed when we can discuss them next week. Thank you so much for your patience--we know it has not been easy.

Notes about the latest release of Badaboom, v1.2.1.

The latest Badaboom 1.2.1 build ( has been released and this minor bugfix version includes the following:

1.  A fix in the Badaboom System Check executable.  This will now correctly read NVIDIA driver releases over 199, including the 257.21 Windows driver that will be available shortly.

2.  Profiles for the iPad and Zune HD* to supporting conversion for these devices. 

3.  For information regarding the NVIDIA GTX 480 and GTX 470 cards, please see this message.

A great question has arisen!  This build number ( is indeed more recent than the last version that was posted (, because our build numbers count up, starting at 1.  After is, after is, etc...we apologize if it is misleading!


*Please note that the default settings for the Zune HD include a resolution of 1280x720.  The Zune HD will convert this for playback on the device, but the video will be stored at 1280x720 and will play at this resolution if the Zune HD is connected to an external monitor that supports this resolution.

Badaboom and the new NVIDIA GF100 cards

Some of you are probably wondering whether Badaboom will support the latest NVIDIA GTX 480, GTX 470, GTX 465 and GTX 460 cards, code named “GF100”. Well, the short answer is yes, but it’s not ready yet.  Badaboom uses an earlier version of Elemental’s video engine code base that requires some updates to work with the latest CUDA driver releases.  However, Elemental is currently focused on our enterprise product line, and this is where our GPU development resources are completely committed right now. We’ve made major updates to our underlying video processing engine, which improve on features and functionality along with optimizations for GF100. We are first integrating that into our enterprise products. Support for this engine within Badaboom is currently expected to be available in Q4 of 2010.

The good news is we have taken a deep look at the NVIDIA GTX 480 and GTX 470 cards and the performance potential for Badaboom is excellent! We wish we had the bandwidth to take care of this immediately, but as with all things, we must pick and choose our battles. We are absolutely committed to GPU acceleration.

195 Driver from NVIDIA

Driver news update!  So while the 195.39 BETA driver from NVIDIA does not support MPEG-2 files for Badaboom, it looks like this will be fixed official release of this driver. 

If we hear anything otherwise, we will let you know.

NVIDIA Driver Issue and Updates

It's been a little while since our last update, and we want to thank you for all of your feedback.  We receive each and every one of your emails, and it is great to see how passionate you are about Badaboom!  We are always interested in hearing about your adventures with the software.

You may have read this, but we wanted to give you all the heads up that the 195.39 driver from NVIDIA (it is still only a beta release) for Windows 7-64 bit and Windows Vista-64 bit, does not support MPEG-2 files with Badaboom.  This is an issue on the decode side that we are looking into, and as soon as we have more information we will provide an update.

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