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Recent Coverage of Badaboom: World Edition

The multilingual version of Badaboom has made a splash all over the world!  Here are some links for coverage and reviews for your reading pleasure:

PC Update (French magazine):

Roughly translated snippet comparing Badaboom to other CUDA applications:  “If you want to buy a GPU computing applications, our choice went without hesitation is Badaboom.  It’s image quality is good, it offers enough encoding parameters and costs only 25 euros.” 

NextHardware (Italian):  http://www.nexthardware.com/recensioni/scheda/217_1955.htm

Roughly translated snippet:   "The interface is very simple and accessible to less experienced users, on the left side you can select the source, the center provides a preview of the conversion is available and right panel for the selection of the target device. The program includes profiles for most popular portable player, you can set the resolution and sound quality manually."

PCInpact (French):  http://www.pcinpact.com/dossiers/badaboom-1-2-version-francaise-dossier/158-1.htm

Roughly translated snippet:  "To conclude briefly, we Badaboom solution seems to be a truly innovative and convenient for users: it's simple, fast, compatible with many video formats, and monopolize the resources of its main computer. The quality is very accurate."

My IT 365 (Chinese):  http://www.myit365.com/html/doc/20090718/56798.shtml

Roughly translated snippet:  "Badaboom uses the powerful parallel computing power of the GPU to be significantly better than the CPU based on the encoder.  [Elemental video engine's] parallel use of the GPU significantly reduces the cost of the computer. Through the effective and rational use of CPU and GPU, [Badaboom] makes maximum use of the user's computer system."

Tech163.com:  http://tech.163.com/digi/09/0720/07/5ELBCIMP001618J7.html

Roughly translated snippet:  "To use the GPU for real software code, Badaboom is the first, Badaboom again awakens people's awareness to the GPGPU.  AMD also restarted the rise of the AVIVO Video Converter, which used video card of HD4000 Code.  It is regrettable that, like 4 years after its first release, there is no improvement to the Avivo tool.   I now introduce the main Badaboom.  This software updates versions very frequently, after a year of development time, compatibility has been strengthened more and more high conversion efficiency... as the originator of the application of CUDA It is also a fast and easy to use video transcoding software."

And lastly, 13 pages of excellence from Tom's HW:  http://www.tomshw.it/business.php?guide=20090625&page=badaboom-01

Roughly translated snippet:  "We tried some software optimized for Cuda, including Badaboom, noting interesting performance increases when you make the comparison between a CPU with a GPU: You can expect an acceleration of at least 30 % for the GPU over the CPU."

Badaboom 1.2.1 Update Released

Badaboom 1.2.1 is now available!  For this minor update, we fixed a few glitches that we found in the 1.2 release, including making sure that the application saves your most recent settings for ease of use!

You can download 1.2.1 using the "Download Now" button in the menu above.

Stay tuned for more updates as we add support for more devices and let you in on some secrets...

Badaboom 1.2: The Multilingual Version!

Hello!  (Oh, and Hallo, Hola, Bonjour, Ciao, 你好, 안녕하세요, and こんにちは)

Badaboom 1.2 has been released and coming along with it is a brand new eight language interface!  With increasing international interest in the application, localizing Badaboom was certainly one of our priorities.  Non-English markets are now able to take even greater advantage of their NVIDIA GPUs by running Badaboom in the language of their choice.  The included languages are English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean!

Download it now here or check out the Learn page for more information.  The Badaboom site has undergone a little bit of a renovation lately, so feel free to explore!  There are even some new demo videos

The Badaboom 1.2 Release Notes can be found here.

Badaboom highlighted in recent PC Perspective article!

PC Perspective just did a really nice look at CUDA-enabled apps:  http://www.pcper.com/article.php?aid=719.  The review highlights the versatility of the apps taking advantage of CUDA and focuses on Badaboom!


“Finally, we are seeing some better CPU usage scores. Badaboom chewed through all of our benchmarks and gave us the best CPU usage scores we've seen so far. The most impressive CPU usage score came during the YouTube 1920x1080 MPEG-4 transcode that averaged only 9 percent! That's absolutely outstanding considering most of the other applications we've reviewed were over 50 percent and higher. Handbrake was pretty much pegged out at 99 percent for every benchmark and was also much slower in transcoding every benchmark. 

We've got to commend Elemental for paying attention to how much the CPU was being engaged during transcoding. There's a bit debate right now between getting the best transcoding performance from utilizing both the CPU and GPU and or just using the GPU and leaving the CPU for multi-tasking functions. I can see it going either way depending on the user's needs.”

Ease of Use 
Cyberlink PowerDirector7 – Good 
Elemental Badaboom – Excellent 
MotionDSP vReveal – Good 
Super Loiloscope – Good 
TotalMedia Theatre 3 Platinum – Fair

CPU Utilization 
Cyberlink PowerDirector7 – Poor 
Elemental Badaboom – Excellent 
MotionDSP vReveal – Fair 
Super Loiloscope – Good 
TotalMedia Theatre 3 Platinum – Excellent

Image Quality 
Cyberlink PowerDirector7 – Good 
Elemental Badaboom – Good 
MotionDSP vReveal – Good 
Super Loiloscope – Excellent 
TotalMedia Theatre 3 Platinum – Excellent

Transcoding Speeds 
Cyberlink PowerDirector7 – Excellent 
Elemental Badaboom – Excellent 
MotionDSP vReveal – Excellent 
Super Loiloscope – Excellent 
TotalMedia Theatre 3 Platinum – N/A (No transcoding benchmarks completed)


Upcoming release of Badaboom!

Well, it has admittedly been quite awhile since the last blog post, but we have some news coming up about Badaboom, so you can expect updates much more often!  For all you international users out there, we are currently going through the finishing touches of localizing the application, and it will be available very soon. 

You may also be seeing some changes to the website in the next few days...stay tuned!

Badaboom is featured as Microsoft endorses the NVIDIA Ion platform.

Badaboom is making the world better for Netbooks!

"Nvidia was also showing off a range of demo's, including 1080p video playback, video encoding with Badaboom of 720p video while the 1080p video was still running, as well as Left 4 Dead which was running at 1,280x720 resolution and seemed to play quite smooth. Considering that the test system had a dual core Atom 330 CPU as well as the Nvidia 9400M chipset, this was pretty impressive."


Badaboom earns "Product of the Week" honors

Badaboom has been named the "Product of the Week" on the Tech Buzz page of TechBuzzWorld.com.  Here is a snippet from Rob Enderle:

"Transcoding is what you do with a video file to make it fit on an iPod, cell phone, or store it to watch on an Xbox, PS3, Media Extender or Media Center. Badaboom covers each of these devices, and it is both easy to set up and very easy to use. The product requires Nvidia Cuda, which means you need a current Nvidia card, but if you have one and need to transcode, you'll love this thing. You can download the trial for free on the Badaboom site above."


Badaboom version 1.1.1 is out!

Badaboom v1.1.1 is on the loose!  Why, you ask, is this version called 1.1.1?  Well, to answer your question, this release does not focus on adding new features, rather it's effort is geared towards making Badaboom as robust an application as possible, fixing bugs and addressing issues that all you users have reported.  In fact, we took the time to summarize exactly what makes version 1.1.1 so special, so go ahead and read the release notes here.  If you have Badaboom 1.1 and need to upgrade or if you've never tried Badaboom and are wondering what all the fuss is about, go ahead and visit the Store page.

Badaboom continues to receive great feedback about the added features of version 1.1--we appreciate the support!

Badaboomin' around the world: Japan!

E-Frontier, a major developer and publisher of graphic design and consumer entertainment titles, has launched a page on their website dedicated to Badaboom.  We are excited to be working with our new Japanese partner!  Check it out:  http://www.e-frontier.co.jp/badaboom/trial/.

Badaboom discount extended--get it now!

The 12 Days of NVIDIA promotion, in which Badaboom is included, has been extended to January 5th!   Check it out at http://www.nvidia.com/object/12_days.html

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