January, 2009

Badaboomin' around the world: Japan!

E-Frontier, a major developer and publisher of graphic design and consumer entertainment titles, has launched a page on their website dedicated to Badaboom.  We are excited to be working with our new Japanese partner!  Check it out:  http://www.e-frontier.co.jp/badaboom/trial/.

Watch CES Video Features on Elemental's Badaboom 1.1

Last weekend Elemental Technologies' product demonstrations, including Badaboom Media Converter version 1.1, were featured in interviews at the CES Show in Las Vegas, Nev. See what people were talking about...

 CES ComputerTV 2009: "NVIDIA Badaboom GPU Processing at CES 2009"

(Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgrp8zcLbmI&feature=related)



NVIDIA Ion @ CES 2009: "Elemental Badaboom"

(Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lV-KVVlu7nY&feature=related)

Badaboom 1.1: Positive reviews keep coming

 Badaboom 1.1 continues to please reviewers around the world. Check out these recent reviews and test version 1.1 out for yourself by downloading the free trial offer.

"Badaboom looks very “professional” and you don’t need to be a nuclear scientist to use it. Application is very intuitive and you will easily do everything that you intended to, even if you never had any contact with this type of applications."

Inside HW*: http://www.insidehw.com/Software/Multimedia/ATi-vs.-nVIDIA-Video-Transcoding.html      *translated


"AVC completely loses out to Badaboom in terms of picture quality and suffers broken pictures. Badaboom has been commercialized and it seems that Badaboom's overall superiority over AVC is something overwhelming."
Beareyes: http://graphics.beareyes.com.cn/2/lib/200901/09/20090109126_1.htm  (Chinese)


"Badaboom provides users with an intuitive graphics interface rather than Avivo Video Converter’s boring text interface."
Yesky: http://diy.yesky.com/vga/335/8681335.shtml (Chinese)