July, 2009

Recent Coverage of Badaboom: World Edition

The multilingual version of Badaboom has made a splash all over the world!  Here are some links for coverage and reviews for your reading pleasure:

PC Update (French magazine):

Roughly translated snippet comparing Badaboom to other CUDA applications:  “If you want to buy a GPU computing applications, our choice went without hesitation is Badaboom.  It’s image quality is good, it offers enough encoding parameters and costs only 25 euros.” 

NextHardware (Italian):  http://www.nexthardware.com/recensioni/scheda/217_1955.htm

Roughly translated snippet:   "The interface is very simple and accessible to less experienced users, on the left side you can select the source, the center provides a preview of the conversion is available and right panel for the selection of the target device. The program includes profiles for most popular portable player, you can set the resolution and sound quality manually."

PCInpact (French):  http://www.pcinpact.com/dossiers/badaboom-1-2-version-francaise-dossier/158-1.htm

Roughly translated snippet:  "To conclude briefly, we Badaboom solution seems to be a truly innovative and convenient for users: it's simple, fast, compatible with many video formats, and monopolize the resources of its main computer. The quality is very accurate."

My IT 365 (Chinese):  http://www.myit365.com/html/doc/20090718/56798.shtml

Roughly translated snippet:  "Badaboom uses the powerful parallel computing power of the GPU to be significantly better than the CPU based on the encoder.  [Elemental video engine's] parallel use of the GPU significantly reduces the cost of the computer. Through the effective and rational use of CPU and GPU, [Badaboom] makes maximum use of the user's computer system."

Tech163.com:  http://tech.163.com/digi/09/0720/07/5ELBCIMP001618J7.html

Roughly translated snippet:  "To use the GPU for real software code, Badaboom is the first, Badaboom again awakens people's awareness to the GPGPU.  AMD also restarted the rise of the AVIVO Video Converter, which used video card of HD4000 Code.  It is regrettable that, like 4 years after its first release, there is no improvement to the Avivo tool.   I now introduce the main Badaboom.  This software updates versions very frequently, after a year of development time, compatibility has been strengthened more and more high conversion efficiency... as the originator of the application of CUDA It is also a fast and easy to use video transcoding software."

And lastly, 13 pages of excellence from Tom's HW:  http://www.tomshw.it/business.php?guide=20090625&page=badaboom-01

Roughly translated snippet:  "We tried some software optimized for Cuda, including Badaboom, noting interesting performance increases when you make the comparison between a CPU with a GPU: You can expect an acceleration of at least 30 % for the GPU over the CPU."

Badaboom 1.2.1 Update Released

Badaboom 1.2.1 is now available!  For this minor update, we fixed a few glitches that we found in the 1.2 release, including making sure that the application saves your most recent settings for ease of use!

You can download 1.2.1 using the "Download Now" button in the menu above.

Stay tuned for more updates as we add support for more devices and let you in on some secrets...