December, 2010

As Q4 ends....

Hello all,

As Q4 ends, we've got some so-so news for you:  Badaboom is still coming, but not in the next two days.  Yes, we have missed our target release period of Q4, but there have been some big changes made in the application, and this has pushed out the general release, which is now February 2011.  Some of you have seen the demo version of Badaboom running on the NVIDIA Fermi GPUs (i.e. GeForce 400s, 500s, etc...) many months ago, but that's exactly what it was: a demo version.  Our company's focus on our enterprise product line has not changed, and Badaboom has felt the effects of it.  That said, we are excited about the version of Badaboom that is coming in February!

In terms of the big changes mentioned earlier in the post, including new features, these will be further detailed when we can discuss them next week. Thank you so much for your patience--we know it has not been easy.