January, 2011

Big news as Badaboom 2.0 nears!

We are announcing today that the next version of Badaboom, called version 2.0, is on its way and is bringing with it additional hardware support! As promised, this version will include support for NVIDIA Fermi GPUs. All of the latest NVIDIA graphics cards will be supported.  A piece of news that may be a bit more unexpected, however, is that Badaboom 2.0 will also support the new Intel Sandy Bridge chips and their hardware-accelerated video processing capabilities! We are impressed with the performance of Sandy Bridge, and adding support for it means a couple things:

1.  Users that have a system with the new Sandy Bridge chip will now be able to utilize Badaboom's transcoding power for the same decode and encode formats as the NVIDIA version.

2.  The implemention of the Intel MediaSDK into Badaboom means that when there is no NVIDIA GPU or Sandy Bridge chip detected, Badaboom will still be able to run in software mode.  This means you will be able to run Badaboom on any Windows PC!

On the feature side of things, Badaboom 2.0 will add a queuing mechanism (the most requested feature) so that you no longer need to begin each individual transcode manually.  More details around this to come.  Other added features include audio gain and large .m2ts file support.  Combine that with an updated user interface and added output device profiles, and Badaboom 2.0 will be ready to rock.

As we said in the post last week, Badaboom 2.0 will be available for purchase in February.  We are excited to be partnering with both NVIDIA and Intel to provide the best transcoding experience possible.  Make sure you sign up here to catch the latest updates.