February, 2011

Badaboom 2.0 Now Available!

That's the headline news here! 

If you purchased a previous version of Badaboom, visit this page to find out how to get a significant discount on Badaboom 2.0.  For more information about new features and other Badaboom 2.0 launch details, click here.

Please note that since Badaboom 2.0 is a version upgrade, it will not install over previous versions of Badaboom--it will install separately.  If you have a previous version of Badaboom and you wish to remove it, you must uninstall it.  We also have a new "Devices" link in the navigation bar, which provides the suggested similar profiles for hundreds of other devices that Badaboom 2.0 supports.

Download the free trial and check out Badaboom 2.0 for yourself! 

If you purchased a previous version of Badaboom...

If you purchased Badaboom 1.x, you are eligible for a significant discount on Badaboom 2.0!  To get Badaboom 2.0 for just $14.99 (down from the $39.99 retail price), just email support@elementaltechnologies.com with the following information and we will send you a discount code to enter upon checkout:

1.  Your name

2.  Your email address you used to purchase Badaboom 1.x.

3.  Your Order Number from that purchase.

Hurry!  This offer won't last forever!

Badaboom 2.0 Launch Details

The Badaboom 2.0 launch is imminent, and we have some details for you!  First of all, the release is planned to be mid-to-late this week (the week of February 21st).  Stay tuned to the website for the announcement.

In Badaboom 2.0, the following features have been added for increased versatility, hardware support, speed, video quality, and a better user experience: 

  • Speed and output quality improvements due to an updated underlying video engine.
  • Support for Intel® Core™ with the Intel® HD Graphics 2000 and 3000 series (Sandy Bridge), which features hardware-accelerated decoding and encoding.
  • Support for the latest NVIDIA graphics cards with the GF100 and GF110 (Fermi) architecture.
  • Batch Transcoding support, allowing the user to target a folder and convert all of its contents automatically via command line.
  • An added “Audio Gain” feature to give users control of the output file’s volume level.
  • Support for large .m2ts files.
  • An updated user interface, including additional output device profiles.
  • The ability to run on most Windows 7, Vista, and XP platforms.

Many of you have asked about how pricing and upgrades will work for version 2.0.  Badabom 2.0 will cost $39.99.  With the upgrade to a version 2.0, we absorb new sets of royalty costs, so we will not be able to offer a free upgrade to those who have purchased earlier versions of Badaboom in the past.  However,  if you did purchase Badaboom 1.x, you will be given a code for $25 off.  Not 25% off, $25 off!  This will discount the price to $14.99.

Over the next few days you will see some changes to the website. We will try to limit the disruption as much as possible, but if certain pages do go down, they should be back up within a few hours!