Windows 7 64-bit and 9800 GT (WDDM 1.1) error - "GPU is not CUDA capable"???

I have a quad core HP desktop running 64-bit Windows 7 and GeForce 9800GT.

SysCheck says: "Your GPU is not CUDA capable. Must be at least NVIDIA 8800 or better"

I checked the NVIDIA site for latest drivers and after running their test, it says i am up to date.

SysCheck also provides this info:
GPU is: .... (...WDDM v1.1)
GPU driver version .... is: 178.139999
GPU system memory is: 2544 MB

Any thoughts???

Thanks much.

p.s. when i get properties on the driver, it says version and date are:

When I open syscheck it opens

When I open syscheck it opens for a brief moment and then close's, I am unable to read it


Can't see the process by default

The problem I'm having under windows 7 64bit is that when I launch badaboom, i can't see it unless I use taskmanager and switch to it. Otherwise, the application interface isn't visable either in the taskbar, or on my desktop by default.


I'm using tri-sli if that makes any difference. Poor-mans tri-sli with gts 250's. (don't flame me)

Windows 7 64 bit works with 8800GT no problem, better than Vista

My Vista OS was fairly mean towards badaboom, but Windows 7 takes the cake!


Mine's Faster - NVIDIA Tesla

Do you have Windows Update

Do you have Windows Update enabled? I'm using an 8800 GT and the 32 bit version of Windows 7 but after a few days of using it I saw that there was a special* nVidia driver update available. Works great with Badaboom and UT 3.

Good luck with your issue!

*(Prerelease - WDDM 1.1)

P.S. I just did some googling.


1. After a fresh installation of the Windows 7 Beta, click on the Start button.
2. Click Windows Update (it will be pinned to the top of the start menu). You can also type “Windows Update” into the start menu Search to locate Windows Update.
3. Within Windows Update, locate and install the NVIDIA driver update (it will either be an important update or an optional update depending on your system)."

Have both updates nvidia and windows but it still crashes

Recently updated the PC and now have widows 7 64 bit intstalled and a new nvidia 9600gt, Badaboom crash's after 10 seconds, I have down loaded the windows update for the nvidia card also an update from nvidia, (thanks to the information above) deleted and reinstalled the free trial Badaboom, BUT after 10 seconds the badadoom still crashes as it did befor the updates----any idear's I purchased the 9600gt card just to use this program

Dunelimo - The Geforce 9600GT

Dunelimo -

The Geforce 9600GT has a known issue of restarting the computer when trying to run Badaboom.  We haven't yet been able to determine the cause of the problems it causes, but it has been a notorious problem child.


Thanks! - Kelly S

Hi Kelly When I loaded a h264

Hi Kelly

When I loaded a h264 video into Badadoom it codes but stops after about 10 seconds and the Badadoom program stops and then disapear's, I tried 1/2 dozen diffrent h264 vids but the same happened at about the 10 second mark, I then tried the same 1/2 dozen vids shortened to 10 seconds and they were all succesfully coded and they played back in there new smaller format

Hi Dunelimo - Run

Hi Dunelimo -

Run syscheck.exe found in your Badaboom folder.  Let's start with that. :)


Thanks! - Kelly S

Bah.  ok, Dunelimo, can you

Bah.  ok, Dunelimo, can you email me at please?  There's a couple other things we need to check. (Syscheck is not supposed to just flash and disppear.  It gives GPU system information and driver versions and such.)


Thanks! - Kelly S