Badaboom End-of-Life Annoucement

Hi all,

Please see the FAQ below for details about the Badaboom end-of-life process. Badaboom is not supported on the latest generation of NVIDIA graphics processors, such as the GTX 680.

What are you announcing?

We have decided to end-of-life the Badaboom product.

Why was this decision made?

Although Badaboom is a great product and a breakthrough example of clear GPU value for consumers, our company is focused on expansion in the professional video processing and content distribution market. For this reason, we have stopped development of Badaboom and will not continue development to support next generation GPUs.

What about support for the current Badaboom products?

We will continue to support the Badaboom product for one year after the date of this announcement. No software updates will be released during this time.

I’m having trouble activating the Badaboom software I purchased. What should I do?

Please email and we’ll get you fixed up.

What if I really still want to get Badaboom?

Please email if that is the case.

Will GPUs continue to be used in Elemental Technologies’ professional products?

Yes. We continue to be fully committed to NVIDIA CUDA, GPU computing and the high performance and quality it enables, but we are now focused on driving that value into the growing professional video processing and content delivery market.