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Encode Live Video

Elemental Live


High-Performance Encoding

Patented technology harnesses the power of a massively parallel architecture to perform large-scale video processing. Realize high-performance encoding with a smaller operational footprint, lower power consumption and reduced cooling requirements.

Uncompromised Video Quality

Deliver the highest quality encoding using codecs developed by Elemental including HEVC / H.265, H.264, VC-1 and MPEG-2.

Produce Multiple Outputs

Simultaneously output a mix of streams at different resolutions and bitrates for multiple target platforms. Wrap streams in popular formats or retain content in a base container for downstream packaging.

Adaptive Bitrate Support

Stream live adaptive bitrate broadcasts via Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and MPEG-DASH protocols without the need for multiple units or signal splitting equipment, reducing both cost and complexity.

Advanced Video Processing

Advanced image processing such as anti-alias scaling, MPEG-2 deblocking and motion adaptive deinterlacing improve performance and deliver professional quality video output.

Real-Time Controls

A web-based user interface offers real-time controls for linear video delivery coupled with catch-up TV features as well as live event ad insertion capabilities and one-click access to popular content delivery networks.  

Real-Time Archiving

Start and stop control of archive streams enables instant creation of high-quality VOD files, saving editing cycles and lowering the cost of content delivery.

Monetize Multiscreen Content

Support for ESAM, Adobe Primetime and comment-based HLS methods provides the ability to work with numerous ad insertion platforms.

Secure Valuable Content

Protect content using traditional AES and SAMPLE-AES for HLS, PlayReady for HLS and Smooth Streaming, or Adobe Access for HDS. Or, use content protection systems such as Civolution, Widevine and NDS to meet requirements for pay TV operators and original content owners.

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