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Elemental Statmux


Elemental Statmux is a software-based statistical multiplexer that optimizes content delivery for pay TV operators by reallocating bits in real time between video encoders and combining the outputs from multiple encoders into a single transport stream. The closed-loop statmux instantaneously adjusts the bitrate of each encoder in the statistical multiplex pool to make the best use of total available bandwidth and maximize network efficiency. Unlike other solutions, Elemental Statmux can perform simultaneous statistical multiplexing of MPEG-2, H.264 and HEVC outputs to enable a converged headend design for traditional broadcast delivery and multiscreen content delivery.

Experience the Benefits

Flexible Workflow Positioning

Elemental Statmux is available as either a standalone solution or as an add-on package with an Elemental Live encoder. An integrated statmux eliminates network complexity, improves reliability and increases cost savings. Integrated and standalone options allow operators to optimize network traffic as best suited to their application while balancing redundancy and workflow requirements.

Bandwidth Savings

Content-aware control of Elemental encoders improves network bandwidth output by up to thirty percent, depending on content complexity and encoder / statmux settings. Additional internal network bandwidth savings can be realized by using the Elemental Statmux add-on pack integrated with an Elemental Live encoder.

Software-Defined Approach

A software-based statistical multiplexer solution provides unprecedented flexibility. Elemental Statmux can be deployed as a software-only solution, on turnkey appliances or on virtual machines to fit any infrastructure. A simple software upgrade provides a seamless migration path from established standards such as MPEG-2 and H.264 to new codecs such as HEVC.

Comprehensive Redundancy

A full suite of redundancy is supported with Elemental Statmux covering inputs, outputs as well as the statmux itself. Multiple input streams per channel can be specified along with multiple output locations. In addition, output locations can be specified by two different Elemental encoding instances, enabling output protection either in a separate Elemental Statmux instance or within an Elemental encoder.